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Monday, 16 October 2017

Current Events

                                    Taranaki vs Canterbury

Who: Taranaki and Canterbury

When: The game was played on the 6th of October

Where: Christchurch, AMI stadium

What Happened:
Taranaki have lead themselves to a 55-43 win against Canterbury. The result ends Canterbury's 13-month streak as Ranfurly shield holders. The Taranaki Bulls had a superb second half scoring 4 tries with Marty Mckenzie kicking incredibly. It is the first time the have held the log 'o' wood since 2012.

My opinion:
I reckon it is quite impressive that Taranaki have taken over the shield and I am surprised it is the first time since 2012 knowing how good they are doing this season, but I hope the Tasman Makos beat them in the semi-final. I wonder which team will next hold the shield?

Monday, 25 September 2017

Current Events

                  Nepal to Measure Everest

Who: Nepal, Mt. Everest

Where: Nepal

When: posted september 25, 2017

What Happened:
Nepal have decided they are going to measure Mt. Everest after people have been saying they think it has gotten shorter from an earthquake 2 years ago. Nepal is home to Mt. Everest and half of the 14 worlds highest mountains. They have never actually measured the peak. They use the height of 8,848 meters (29, 028 feet) that was measured by the survey of India in 1954. Different countries use Mt. Everest at different heights.

My Opinion:
I think it is good they have decided to measure because then everyone ill be able to use the same height. I wonder when they are going to measure it? I wonder how long it will take to measure it?

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Current Events

            Massive Earthquake Hits Mexico

Who: Mexicans

When: Late Thursday

Where: Mexico

What Happened:
A huge earthquake has hit Mexico killing 58 people. The 8.1 magnitude earthquake is stronger than the one back in 1985 that killed thousands. The earthquake triggered alerts as far as Southeast Asia. Many people around coastal areas had to evacuate as the quake sparked tsunami warnings. The earthquake went for about 10 seconds

My opinion: I think this is really sad and feel sorry to all the people now will not have homes. I wonder if they have had many strong afterquakes? I wonder how long it will take to fix the buildings and roads?

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Current Events

Biggest Asteroid in 100 Years Passes Close by the Earth

Who: Asteroid

When: It passed by on the first of September

Where: Outside the Earth

What Happened:
On September the first an asteroid called Florence passed roughly 7 million kilometres away from the Earth (that is about 18 times as far away as the moon to Earth). It was named after nurse Florence Nightingale. It was discovered in 1981. It is nearly 4.4 kilometres long.

My Opinion:
A 4.4 asteroid is huge! I wonder where on the Earth it went past? I wonder how it was first discovered?

Monday, 28 August 2017

Current Events

            All Blacks win Bledisloe Cup

Who: All Blacks and Australia

Where: NZ Dunedin Forsyth Barr stadium

When: August 27 2017

What Happened:
All Blacks have beaten the Australia to take the Bledisloe Cup for 2017 with a nail-biting 35-29. Beauden Barrett scored an amazing try to put the All blacks infront for the victory. Australia had a stunning first half. Australia scored the first try with an interception by Israel Folau in just 26 seconds. The Wallabies were winning 17-0 in just 15 minutes, but the All Blacks scored 2 converted tries which made it 17-14 at halftime to the Wallabies. In the first 7 minutes Sonny Bill-Williams did 4 handling errors. Despite the victory, Steve Hansen was still pretty disappointed in the All Blacks performance. The two sides will play a third test in October.

My Opinion:
4 drop balls in 7 minutes is quite a bad result. I wonder why the third test is in October and isn't next week? I wonder how many years in a row NZ have won the Bledisloe?