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Monday, 26 June 2017

Current Events

                                   All Blacks beat Lions

Who: All Blacks and Lions

When: posted on the 25 of june 2017

Where: Auckland

What Happened:
The All Blacks have beat the Lions 30-15 in Auckland which means they are winning 1-0 in the 3 test series. Rieko Ioane started on the field as winger, and scored 2 tries, and Codie Taylor getting the first try. Beauden Barrett only missed one of his kicks out of about 4 or 5.

My Opinion:
I am happy that All Blacks won the first test but i Wouldn't mind if the Lions won one because that would make it a good series. I think it is cool that Rieko Ioane scored 2 tries in his first time starting on the pitch.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Current Events

                      World largest haka record broken

When: Posted 19 june 2017

Where: Roturoa

Who: About 7700 people

What Happened:
Around 7700 people have broken the world record for the biggest haka. The previous record was held in Masterton with 6000 people and the record before that was held in France in 2014 with 4028 people. Rotorua boys and Rotorua girls high school helped lead the haka. This haka took pace as the B&L Lions prepared to play the Maori All Blacks. The International Rugby Club spokesperson had announced that the record had nailed. 

My Opinion: Ithink it is cool that they have bet the world record,

Wonder: I wonder who planned this, I wonder how long did it take to organize this, I wonder how long it took for the people to learn the haka or if it is just a local one that many of them know.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Current Events

                   Lions win their first NZ tour game

Who: Lions

When: Posted June 11 2017

Where: NZ, AMI stadium

What Happened:
On Saturday the Lions played the Crusaders and the Lions bet the Crusaders 12-3, but to be honest I thought it was a pretty boring game to watch. The Lions enjoyed their win over the Crusaders as the Crusaders haven't lost a game this season. In the first 20 minutes of the game the Crusaders copped five turnovers, five penalties and missed three line-out opportunities. The score at halftime was 9-3 to the Lions. The Lions next game is against the Highlanders.

My Opinion: I wonder how the Blues bet them an Crusaders didn't (although the Lions had a much better lineup against the Crusaders than the Blues), I wonder how they will go against the Highlanders, I wonder what both teams were like after the game.

Fact: Blues were the first ever Super Rugby team to beat the Lions.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Current Events

                 USA May Ban Laptops On All Planes

Who: Americans

When: posted on the 29 of may 2017

Where: USA Planes

What Happened:
America is considering banning laptops from planes, it is part of the increase of plane and airport security. Airlines are also wondering that this might erode customer demand. Thankfully this is not happening in NZ. 10 airlines have alresdy been introduced restrictions from large electronic devices.

My Opinion: I dont really understand why they are doing this because people should be able to take care of it and i wonder how it affects the airlines in the US.

Erode: in this case it sort of means decrease but it also means wear away
Consider- planning on
demand-being insistent

Monday, 15 May 2017

Current Events

                            Meet The World's Oldest Family

Who: The Donnelly family

Where: They live in Northern Ireland

When: posted May the 15 2017

What Happened: The Donnelly family have been awarded the world's oldest family and will be in the 2018 Guinness book of records. The 13 brothers and sisters are Sean (93), Maureen (92), Eileen (90), Peter (87), Mairead (86), Rose (85), Tony (83), Terry (81), Seamus (80), Brian (76), Kathleen (75), Colm (73) And Leo (72) were awarded the guinness world record for the oldest combined age in March but celebrated it this week (all the ages put together became 1,073). Also the day of the celebration was quite emotional as the youngest sibling (Austin Donnelly) died in 2015 and when he was alive he said his Dad died when he was 79 and his Mum in her 90s. Also his Dad was an only child also named Peter and his Mum Ellen was one of 14.

My Opinion: I wonder if their age has gone through their family tree and if their age rolls through the family, and it is quite funny how their Dads name is the same as one of his sons., but it is sad that their youngest brother died.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Current Events

                                Rower Eric Murray Retires

Who: Eric Murray

Where: ?

When: posted on the 3rd of may

What Happened: Professional rower Eric Murray has decided to retire from rowing. Eric Murray and Hamish Bond were one of New Zealands best sporting teams. Murray and Bond were unbeaten in their 69 races, winning medals at the Rio and London Olympics. Murray had taken a break from last years games, to look at his options. Murray and Bond won 6 world championship titles in the pair as well as one in the coxed pair while Murray also won a championship title in the four in 2007. He and Bond also won the Halberg Supreme twice in 2012 and 2014.

My Opinion:
I think it is sad he is retiring, I wonder who Hamish Bond will row with now, I wonder if he will just race in the single races, I wonder when Hamish Bond will retire.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Current Events

                     Time capsule found behind beehive

 Where: Central Wellington, beehive

When: posted on the 12 of april 2017

Who: Contractors

What: Behind the beehive has been found a time capsule from the late 1950's around 50 years ago. The capsule was found by those working on $200 million renovations. What was in the time capsule has been revealed 12 of april. It came as a surprise to those working onthe project, as there is no record at all of a time capsule being buried at the time of construction. The contractors were working on a building ( I think it was the beehive) and found the capsule.

My Opinion: I think it is cool that they have found the capsule, I wonder who buried it their, I wonder what was inside, I wonder what the contractors reactionswere like.

Glossary: Time Capsule- A box full of files of paper and what others wrote down on the paper from back in the day. Renovations- The action of renovating a building.